CAD Design

Contracted Work

Draped Crown Ring by Nak Armstrong

Review Sketches & Stones

  • Having worked on several projects in this collection, the jewelry designer was able to pass off relatively simple sketches.
  • Stones are unique, so each is measured and built a custom setting.
  • Most notable is the missing side view and bottom view sketch, and the different ring bands. This is open to interpretation and would be discussed after round one is mocked up.

Potential Complications

  • Depth of baguette seats intersecting with the central stone might impace ribbon like flow
  • Intersection of ring band with central stone seat could create a space difficult to clean or set stones
  • Ring needs to be built so pieces can be laser soldered with stones already set.
  • Due to the relatively flat bottom of the stone, it might neccessitate a large, unsightly base

Prototype Evolution

Round 1


Round 5

Major Change: The profile of the ring band was modified to be less angular and geometric.

Major Change: The line of the baguettes was altered to be more dramatic and also show more of the central stone from the top view.

Major Change: The stone seat was too heavy visually and physically, so a pattern was designed to mimic the baguttes

Making it Work

Now the I had final approval of the design, I had to boolean all of the individiual pieces. In that process, great care had to be taken to make sure all prongs were sturdy and not overlapping. I also creating a key system for the jeweler to register the parts when soldering together. In the end, this ended up being six castings.

Passing It On

This project passed through many hands before it’s finished. After I completed the CAD model, it was sent to a company to be 3D printed and casted. These castings are sent to the jeweler who will clean the metal, set the stones, and assemble it. Each of these parties needs extremely accurate information to finish the project.

Stone Layout

Print Instructions & Layout

Finished Piece

One of a kind.

Spessarite garnet, champagne diamonds, recycled rose gold

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Nak Armstrong

Alexis Bittar